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Breakfast Food Sale

Breakfast Food Sale

Review Of Eversafe Civilian MREs

Wornick is one of the three companies in the United States that produce “Meals Ready to Eat” or MREs for the U.S. Military. Also, they are regarded as one of the first companies in the country to produce civilian MREs. In fact, “Mil-Spec” was their original civilian MRE. But this brand stopped production in 2001. The company re-entered the civilian MRE market with their latest and most popular brand “Eversafe.” But the company’s direction with their latest product was not very clear at the beginning. First, Wornick released the brand with an MRE-like pouch for the main meal.


Within a few months time, the company changed its design once again. This time, they returned to a bowl design with a heater meal. Once again, the company changed the design of Eversafe and released a pouch-based Eversafe as well as a bowl-based Eversafe. In 2007, the company filed for bankruptcy and closed down the production of Eversafe. In fact, they even closed down their website, and customers were not in a position to order the product. But the brand wasn’t down for long. In 2008, the company re-entered the market with a new design for Eversafe. The new format had a combination of military type MRE components and a commercial product. In fact, the new product was packed 10 per case compared to 12 per case used by their competitors. But the consumer was confused by this time. Since there were three generations of Eversafe on the market at that time such as the bowl-based, pouch-based, and civilian-parts-based meals. Finally, the company re-entered the civilian MRE market in 2009 - this time with a redesigned pouch-based civilian MRE. This product was right in line with the other products on the market that were called civilian MREs. Since then, the company has not looked back. In fact, Eversafe is one of the most popular and best civilian MREs on the market today. The regular research conducted by the company has been able to transform Eversafe to this status. That is why you should try this product without delay - if you have not tried it yet.

The entrees of Eversafe are the same as in their military version. In fact, the majority of servicemen love the military version of the product. But the civilian version contains only one entree while the military version has two of them. The side dishes such as the pound cakes and fortified snack bread seem to be the same. The bread is vitamin-fortified and comes with additional proteins. On the other hand, Eversafe never has the 200-calorie-per-spoonful peanut butter and cheese spread for that matter. This is definitely a loss of value since there are many consumers who love this inclusion in other MREs.

Even without the peanut butter and cheese spread, Eversafe manages to weigh in at around 1,000 - 1,200 calories. They have done this by including a pack of M&M, a Peanut M&M, and a pack of Tropical Skittles (high in vitamin C) in their product. The product also has a pack of Beverage Base Powder with sugar in each meal. Hence, most of the calories come from sugar. Most of the time, the pack of Beverage Base Powder and salt packets could be used to prepare an oral rehydration solution to treat dehydration while you are in the outdoors. Hence, the beverage base powder will not go a waste if you can use it in this manner. Many users of Eversafe have used it for this purpose.

Also, the bag of candy in Eversafe has its own uses. It is quite useful if you have to treat hypoglycemia while you are camping or in the wilderness. So, even if you don’t like candy, you can use the pack of candy provided by Eversafe for first aid purposes. On the other hand, some of the Eversafe products come with dairy shakes - that is high in its calorie value and vitamin D at the same time.

The accessory pack of Eversafe doesn’t have all the things that the military pack does such as the waterproof matches, gum, and toilet paper. Since you will not require these items for civilian purposes, the company has removed the items in a bid to cut cost in the process. On the other hand, even if you require some of these items for your outdoor trip, you can always store them separately. Each accessory pack contains a packet of instant coffee which is a wonderful thing since most civilian MRE products don’t have coffee in them. All Eversafe products come with a chemical heater which is very important in a modern MRE. Also, the Eversafe MRE bag is quite similar to the military version MRE bag. You can use this bag to stabilize pneumothorax which is a great utility for outdoor emergency situations.

One notable disadvantage of the Eversafe MRE is they never include a hot beverage bag. Although you get a chemical heater and instant coffee in the product, the hot beverage bag is missing. In fact, many customers have pointed out this drawback in their reviews of the Eversafe MRE product.

In conclusion, Eversafe is one of the most popular civilian MREs on the market today. There are many positive reviews and testimonials for this product on numerous online forums. The above article provides a comprehensive review of the Eversafe civilian MRE on the market.

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Acknowledge yourself with the concept of MRE

The three amenities of life; food, shelter and clothing are of paramount importance! The most important out of the three is food since it is the primary driving force needed for the life processes of an individual.  As truly said, “People who genuinely love to eat are genuinely the best people existing in this entire world.” Here in this piece of a brief glossary, we would like to shift your focus towards the MRE meals, such as 1300XT from XMRE, that is a unique concept developed by the United States Army for the extraordinary Special Forces and specific Ranger Patrol units in the Communist state of Vietnam.


Now, let us understand the concept of MRE meals and composition of the same:

MRE is simply the meal, ready to eat.  It is basically a self-contained individualised enumerated field ration in specified lightweight packaging that has been bought by the United States military to render esteemed services to the team members to bring about a usage in combat and also other field conditions. It is more profound and required in particular places where organised facilities of food are not available. Replacing the canned MCI, or Meal, Combat, an Individual ration in the year 1981, mre prominently is significantly intended to be the successor to the well-known lighter LRP ration.

Antiquity of MRE

Congressional resolution developed and established the very first soldier resolution, during the onset of the Revolutionary War, and the composition had ample amount of food to feed an average man for a single day. The food generally comprises of beef, peas and also rice. The military moved effortlessly towards the canned goods during the procession of the civil war. In the later times, self-contained kits were brought into the scene and issued as a whole ration.  It consists of canned meat, pork, coffee, bread, salt and sugar. Canned meats found a replacement with the lightweight preserved meals during the series of the First World War in order to save weight and also permit more rations to be mainly carried by the soldiers who also brought along their supplies on foot.

The introduction of many new field rations was made during the onset of the World War II, namely the Mountain ration and the Jungle ration. The predominant usage of canned wet rations was noticed throughout the time period of the Vietnam war, with an improvised level of MCI Field ration.

General contents of MRE

Now, let us get to know about the general contents of MRE that basically accomplished the meal of the officers at the military forces:
•    The main course also known as the entrée.
•    A side dish that is a primarily lighter one.
•    Dessert or any snack that includes any commercial candy, soldier fuel bar or fortified pastry.
•    Crackers of bread along with spreads of delicious cheese, peanut butter or the yummy jelly.
•    Powdered unique beverage mix; cocoa or instant coffee or tea and the most favourite fruit flavoured drink. Also bringing in any healthy sports drink or dairy protein shake.
•    Flameless ration heater and beverage mixing bag
•    The accessory pack which encompasses xylitol chewing gum, seasonings inclusive of salt, sugar, pepper, creamer and tabasco sauce to name a few of them along with a water resistant matchbook.

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